The Top 10 Ways To Acheive Heartburn Relief

Heart burn is a serious problem form a great many people. Sometime better know as acid reflux, many times heartburn relief can be a hard thing to accomplish, this is even more true for individuals with sever heartburn.

If you feel that you are unable to resolve your acid reflux issues and are looking for some new ideas that may help you have some heartburn relief, you have come to the right place. In this article, The Top Ten Ways To Get Heartburn Relief, you will learn some simple ways that you can end the pain your are going through due to heartburn. The heartburn relief techniques that I will be listing below are all safe and have been known to greatly reduce the inflammation of heartburn. So now with no further a due, here is the heartburn relief top ten list.

If you feeling the pain of acid reflux for the first time, you may want to try a simple antacid like tums. Tums is safe for anyone to use as it is simply chewable calcium tablets. Calcium is known to help alleviate heartburn because it will neutralize the heartburn as in the esophagus. This is what is causing the pain that you are feeling, stomach acid that has escaped into the esophagus. Calcium based antacids age great for heartburn relief, they are a cheap over the counter medication that should begin working very shortly, almost instantly, after you have ingested them.

Since heartburn is only caused by stomach acid that has crept its way up to your esophagus, an easy way to literally wash the acid away and give your self some heartburn relief is to drink a few glasses of water. The water should help to push the acid back into your stomach where it belongs. This may only work for less sever heartburn attacks. If you are having sever heartburn the water may act as a temporary heartburn reliever but will not neutralize the acid and it is likely that the acid reflux will reoccur.

You may remember your parents or even your grandparents using soda crackers as a heartburn remedy. It is truly amazing how many simple home remedies, that the older generations use, actually work very effectively. Soda crackers will do two things to help bring you heartburn relief. Firstly, they will absorb the stomach acid that is burning your throat on the way down to the stomach, unlike water which only washes the acid down. By absorbing the acid, soda crackers, greatly decrease the chance of an immediate acid reflux relapse. Soda crackers are partially made from bicarbonate of soda, which is great for heartburn relief as it can neutralize acid.

This heartburn reliever may surprise you but adding about half a teaspoon of backing soda into a full glass of water is a great heartburn cure. You may never have noticed but most companies that produce baking soda actually advertise the products acid reducing benefits right on the box. Many even give you a suggested dosage. It is important for you to keep in mind that you shouldn't use baking soda to relieve your heartburn if you are suffering from nausea or upset stomach or are on a low sodium diet as baking soda is full of the stuff.

Here is a fishy cure for your heartburn attacks. Cream of tartar is known to be a very effective home remedy for heartburn. Yes, that's right the same cream of tartar used to make your favorite fish dipping sauce. You can mix a bit of the cream into a glass of water and take a few spoons full of the solution. Cream of tarter is another substance that, much like baking soda, can neutralize stomach acids and help to relieve your heartburn.

More along the lines of medications, such as tums and other antacids, OTC medicines can be used to prevent heartburn from occurring. These medicines are usually only used by those your are suffering from chronic heartburn. You will know that you are a chronic heartburn sufferer when you have acid reflux anywhere from daily to several times a week. These medications work not by neutralizing the stomach acid but by stopping the stomach from producing an overabundance of acid to begin with. This should only be used by those who are suffering from sever heartburn problems and you may want to consult you health care professional even though these medicines are over the counter.

Here is a simple heartburn relief cure that many people swear by. Almonds, these nuts in their raw form have been known to stop heartburn in its tracks. Almonds have even been used as a heartburn preventative. You can eating a handful of almonds before bed every night and see if it helps you steer clear of a heartburn attack. I must warn you ahead of time that using almonds as a heartburn cure has mixed results, there are some that swear that almonds make the best heartburn remedies and others claim that eating a handful of these nuts was not helpful in anyway when trying to relieve heartburn.

Vinegar, yes I know it seems like the list of health benefits that can be gained with the use of vinegar is never ending and at the top of the list is heartburn relief. Mixing a teaspoon or two into a tall glass of water can make for the perfect heartburn relief cocktail. You may be thinking, “How can a substance that is known to be an acid help me with heartburn when heartburn is a problem that is caused by stomach acid?”. Well, you should think of vinegar as a digestive. This means that it will help you to digest foods if taken before a meal more than to actually cure you while you are in the midst of an attack. You should also know that using vinegar as a supplement for prolonged periods of time can have sever side effects, such as the erosion of your stomach lining.

Here is a simple cure for heartburn, brown rice. This heartburn relief food works in much the same way that soda crackers work because the rice can absorb, push back and dissolve the stomach acid that is causing your discomfort. This is a cure that can be taken with no worries of side effects or other adverse reactions.

The last of the top ten heartburn relievers is apples. Eating a fresh, crisp apple can help to not only relieve heartburn but it can also keep acid reflux at bay even longer than over the counter medications, such as tums. Many doctors disagree saying that apples are acidic and can even worsen heartburn symptoms but on the other hand there are many people that say that they have cured themselves of acid reflux by eating a few apples a day and you can't argue with results.

This list is just a list of a few heartburn relief ideas to help you control and manage acid reflux. Many of the heartburn cures may work for some people and some of these remedies may work for many people. Everyone one is different and different things may help them prevent or relieve their heartburn. The best thing that you can do if you are suffering from chronic and or sever heartburn is to speak with your doctor to go over all of your options.

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  1. I've tried almost all of these with no relief. I found another site that suggested drinking a half cup of pickle juice. I was hesitant but desperate and sure enough, instant relief! Can't guarantee results for everyone, but it's worth a shot.